Active 5800SB Self-Propelled Lawnmower

Active 5800SB Self-Propelled Lawnmower

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One of the best performing lawnmowers for pedestrian use.

Designed and built in Italy with the highest quality materials to ensure constant operational reliability for many years of use. The aluminium deck and wheels are naturally rust-resistant, as well as durable against knocks and vibrations. Powered by an 850e Series Briggs & Stratton engine The overhead-valve design ensures smooth and efficient engine operation, economical fuel consumption and high wear resistance, especially in periods of increased load. The cast-iron cylinder sleeve is characterized by a very low degree of abrasion, which significantly extends the resistance and life of the engine.

The cutting blade has a unique curved design, ensuring unparalleled mulching or grass collection in a large 80ltr bag. With 6 adjustable cutting heights, from 20mm to 80mm, as well as 3 handlebar heights, and a cutting width of 57mm (22”).

Ideal for mid to large size areas as a larger cutting width ensures areas can be cut 20% faster than usual.


Cutting width 57cm / 22”
Deck Material Aluminium
Height Adjustment 6 individual positions, from 20mm to 80mm
Collection Bag Fabric 80ltr
Weight 48kg
Engine 1.1ltr Briggs & Stratton 850e SERIES I/C – OHV
Noise (db) 98


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